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        Required Skills Prior to Training

        Data Blocks-Python


        The Python Knowledge recommended for a developer engaging in Assette Data Block Layer varies based on the data ingestion model being used.

        For Grab & Show, where most of the calculations and data manipulations are done in source data platform(s), we recommend that the developers have intermediate knowledge of python. The following Udemy course can provide the necessary skills.

        Required knowledge:

        • Running Python

        • Basic concepts such as arithmetic operations, variables etc

        • Data Structures and operations

        • Conditional execution

        • Sequence types

        • Strings

        • Iteration

        • Dictionaries

        • Sets

        • Comprehensions

        For a predominantly Prepare & Show approach, we recommend more advanced skills. The following course in Udemy may help.

        • Required knowledge: NumPy and Pandas introduction

        • Aggregating and reshaping data frames

        • Basic data visualization

        • Analyzing dates and times

        • Importing and exporting data

        • Joining data frames

        Recommended course to gain above knowledge:

        Python3 Fundamentals | Udemy

        Pandas Boot Camp Advanced Python Data Analysis | Udemy

        Interfacing with Data – using SQL 


        Developers may need to interface with SQL databases when creating Extraction Data Blocks. Being able to write SQL queries, (e.g. SELECT Statements with Table JOINs) and use Aggregation functions are some pre-requisites for this purpose. Having a good understanding of SQL DML statements will be helpful.

        We recommend below Udemy course to acquire this knowledge.

        SQL Programming Basics | Udemy 

        SQL Boot Camp 2023: Complete SQL Course | Udemy 

        Interfacing with Data – using APIs


        Another common way to interface with your data platform(s) is via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Note that some APIs may require you to embed SQL within API calls, thus requiring you to have SQL skills noted above.

        A sound understanding of REST APIs and JSON would be required when working with APIs.

        To learn more about how to work with APIs we recommend this online Udemy course.

        Application Programming Interface: API and Web Services | Udemy 

        Data Objects - YAML 




        Data Objects arrange data (exposed by data blocks) in a marketer-friendly manner.  YAML is used to arrange data. The Data Object Editor, a low-code tool, automatically generates YAML code corresponding to Data Objects created via the Object Editor Designer View.


        If Developers are keen to understand code behind Data Objects, it is possible to navigate to the YAML view of the Object Editor Tool. While YAML skills are optional, we recommend below Udemy course for those interested in learning YAML.


        The Ultimate YAML Course - Learn YAML from Scratch | Udemy 


        Authoring - Advanced MS PowerPoint 

        General User

        The Assette PowerPoint Editor is the primary editor to create most templates (in addition to Word, Excel and digital/HTML editors). It is a marketer-friendly, no-code editor. You need to have a robust knowledge of PowerPoint in order to setup templates in the most efficient manner.

        Outlined below are some of the key knowledge areas related to Advanced PowerPoint.

        • Master Slides

        • Ability to work with native PowerPoint Tables, Charts, Images and Text

        • Table layout formatting / Chart and Text formatting

        • How to re-use slide facility in PowerPoint

        The below Udemy course is recommended for learning Advanced MS PPT.

        A-Z Ultimate PowerPoint Course, Build PPTs like a PRO | Udemy