Program Overview

      Program Overview

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        Purpose of the Assette Certified Expert (ACE) Program is to train professional services consultants and IT teams to implement Assette software.

        Developed specifically for the needs of the asset management industry, Assette is a cloud-native software solution that runs on Microsoft Azure. The product has three core parts (the Data Engine, Authoring Tools and the Sharing Hub) two facets (the application and the Developer Tools) and seven modules.

        The core development languages in Assette are Python, SQL and YAML.

        Whether your business is helping multiple firms implement Assette or you are an in-house technical expert, becoming ACE certified is critical for ensuring a smooth implementation. This training program was developed based on our 20+ years of implementing Assette for firms of all sizes. It provides an in-depth, hands-on look at the software geared specifically for your role with the software.

        ACE Learning Tracks

        There are two tracks in the ACE program.

        Developer Training: The focus of this track is interfacing and surfacing data and arranging data. This track is more technical in nature and requires previous experience with Python, YAML and data management.

        End User Training: The focus of this track is your day-to-day usage of the software. It includes authoring templates (using the arranged data), specifying batch delivery, workflow creation, system administration, qualitative data management (narratives, disclosures, etc.). General use of the system including reviewing and approving content, finding and sharing content is also included.

        Training Approach and Time Commitment

        ACE training is conducted virtually over a 5–6-week period. Each cohort is firm specific allowing customized scheduling for your needs and the opportunity for your team to learn and practice together.

        There are two types of training.

        Classroom Training covers theoretical aspects of the software and processes using the Assette’s training environment. These sessions are conducted by a trainer who demonstrates the systems’ capabilities. Typical sessions are 1-2 hours daily over a 3–4-week period.

        Lab Training provides hands-on sessions using your sandbox. In these sessions you will be doing the activities, and your trainer will be providing guidance. Typical sessions are daily for 2 hours over a 5-day period.

        From a general learning perspective, participants will improve or reinforce their working knowledge of Python, YAML and SQL. In addition, data management expertise will be enhanced.